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Brand NEW specials! 


2 Collagen Induction Therapy
(Skin Needling) and 2 Hydration Correcting Facials Recharge your collagen and elastin for tighter, brighter skin.

SKIN GYM - $139  (save $35)

Hydration Facial
Mini Smitten Make Over
Callus Peel and Foot Massage
Eyelash Tint

Welcome to Bliss Beauty Worx ...

If you are a first time user to our web site, welcome and Thank you! Following are some of the great services we would love to introduce you to, and of course spoil you and your friends:

Its Spring at last!  It’s the perfect time to get your skin ready to face the warmer weather and sunshine.  It’s time for a SPRING CLEAN.  For the last few months our skin has been inside in artificial heat, outside in the wind and cold.  Maybe we have been going to bed without taking out makeup off.

As your skin changes, so should your skincare routine. A few things that help with the Spring Clean are:

Cleanser - I usually always recommend a cream cleanser.  But that depends on how your skin is behaving.  Your skin needs to be clean, not tight.

Toner - to clear the skin.  Using Cleanser/Toner is like using shampoo/conditioner.  They are important to each other.

Exfoliate – Most skin needs no more than a gentle exfoliation once a week. 

Serum - for that boost of what your skin needs.  Collagen? Hydration? Silicium?

Moisturiser – If you are using a heavier moisturiser it may be time to lighten up.  Always cover with an SPF 30+ or 50+.  We are often asked why Thalgo do not add SPF to their moisturiser. 

1.  Most creams can be used day and night.  You do NOT want to sleep with a block of any strength on your face. 

2. It’s not strong enough for a country like Australia if its added to moisturiser.. 

Don’t forget Knees, elbows, heels, and toes.  They can suffer from a winter in boots -- What we don't see, we neglect.  A CALLUS PEEL is perfect for heel softening.

Simply call Jenny or Nola today on 08 9756 8877 if you would like to discuss what’s best for your skin during your SPRING CLEAN. 

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